Projects on specific requirements 

EJP TOSCA upon request plans and realizes special systems specific of the client…

Machines tool work, assembling and painting

EJP TOSCA build in its carpentry and spacious, well-equipped departments all the blasting machines structural works and their accessories using in several applications special steels too. 
Inside of EJP TOSCA works the manufactures cycle is complete: a machines tools department, a painting department, a very large assembling area equipped of erecting pit, allow mount and test quickly machines of very big dimensions too.

Spare parts

The turbines and the EJP TOSCA blasting machines components use steels and cast irons high manganese, chromium, molybdenum alloy. Suitable tltermic treatments transform those materials to formidables wear-resistant alloy. One efficient and very well equipped sparc-parts store is at disposal of the customers.