"Precision and reliability result from a lot of experience and hard work."

For more than 35 years, EJP TOSCA GmbH has been a reliable partner for tailor-made plants and machines for shotblasting. 
It is a subsidiary of EJP Maschinen GmbH, located in Baesweiler, a small town near to Aachen.

We proudly look back on numerous installations at the most important industrial sites in the world. Research and development plays an important role in a growing number of customers. 

Jacques Paraskevas
Owner & CEO

The EJP TOSCA shot blasting machines are used in a large and continually growing number of fields. 
Some of our commonest applications are: 
The de-scaling of sheet metal, drawn sections, pipes, structural steel works, prior to painting. 
Flogging and cleaning of foundry castings. 
Cleaning of pressed and heat treated pieces.
Cleaning of aluminium and bronze extrusion mouldings. 
De-scaling of wires and bars in readiness for drawing. 
Paint removal. 
Shot cleaning. 
Surface treatment of tiles and concrete castings. 
Surface treatment of natural marble or agglomerates, etc.

We guarantee extremely reliable products, due to our technical expertise and wide range of experience in this field. 
We offer customer ongoing technical support services, including plant/machine maintenance and spares' supply. 
We supply plants and machines for new and special application.